While many people create on their own, I really like to collaborate.  Don’t get me wrong, I can work on my own.  Whether I’m designing a website, a workout, activities, a tour, a move, or anything else, there is always some portion of collaboration.

My work is to meet your needs as best as I can, which makes it important for us to meet.  Below you will find services I offer, along with examples of what we’re likely to  discuss:

  • websites – styles you like, colors, what you want to portray…
  • fitness – fitness level, background, your schedule…
  • activities and/or tours – what you like to do, where you have been, what you’re in the mood for…
  • education
    • tutoring for elementary, middle school and/or high school we’ll discuss which class(es), class schedule, homework…
    • health and fitness we’ll converse about goals, background in these areas, your schedule…
    • English learners, if needed we’ll assess your current level, talk about which situations are most important to you: social, business, grammar…
  • coordinating a move – across town or across the country, when is your move scheduled, size of home you’re moving from and into, will you need movers, storage, do you have pets, do you plan to drive, fly, ship…

Next for us – we create a schedule.

Next for me – I create plans to meet your goals within the timeline we’ve scheduled.

Since I’m a Native San Diegean, I have a lot of resources in town.  It is very important for me to find what best fits your needs/wants.  If I know people, a person, or another businesses who is/are able to meet your needs more than me, I WILL let you know.  My work ethic makes it difficult for me to offer a service that might be subpar.  I believe in offering the best service(s) for you, even if that means sending you to another business.   I will let you know what I can offer, if best for you I will tell you about other businesses, and why they might be a better fit.

Sometimes what fits best is collaboration with another business.  In these circumstances we, both businesses, work with/for you.  Once you know the various options, you’ll be more informed and able to make a confident and educated decision.

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